1. How I miss John Thaw…


    1. I especially liked how he nuanced his characters from the ‘rough copper’ in the early days of The Sweeney to his slightly priggish character in Inspector Morse.


      1. Morse was a complicated fellow. We’ve only just started seeing Endeavour “over ‘ere”… Sorry David, I’m completely unfamiliar with “The Sweeney”; but then again, having run from Jan 75 to Dec 78 – definitely no cable or sattelite TV back then, lol! (But they certainly looked a tough bunch; )


        1. Listen, Guvnor – have a butcher’s at this Sweeney video.

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        2. Wow, they sure were a tough bunch, weren’t they?


        3. Out of interest, you may not know the origin of the name. ‘Sweeney’ is a shortened version of Sweeney Todd (as in the demon barber). And that’s rhyming slang for the Flying Squad, which is a branch of the Serious and Organised Crime Command within London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

          Google for Cockney rhyming slang and you’ll find lots of it 🙂


        4. Apparently I lost the response previously written on WP app, but I’ll endeavour to replicate 😉
          Yes thanks, I am aware of both Sweeney Todd (barber of Fleet Street) and cockney rhyming – but of course having cultural references of the time and place are pretty much necessary to connect the dots, right?. I am also familiar with the term “Flying Squad” being used by police; but on this side of the ocean it was used in 1973 by the O.P.P. / Ontario Provincial Police’s newly minted drug enforcement section. These days, some have used it to label the (very specialised) team who travel around the province arresting speeding motorists…


  2. I was lucky enough to have the chance to climb right up to the apex of the Chapel roof earlier this year – something of a “don’t look down” moment but such amazing views of the city and it was awe inspiring to walk across the vaulted ceiling!


    1. How interesting – Is that something that anyone can do, or did you have special access?

      I just took a look at your site – great photos!


      1. Thank you, David, they’re all taken with my Samsung phone. The Kings climb was a charity event in support of Camsight, organised by one of the Fellows, I think.


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