King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

King's College Chapel, Cambridge

Back in June I wrote about the chapel and posted photos of the interior, with its fan vaulted roof.

Now it is the outside, in all its glory.

Do click on the photos to see them at a larger size for maximum impressiveness exposure.

King's College Chapel, Cambridge


  1. How I miss John Thaw…


    1. I especially liked how he nuanced his characters from the ‘rough copper’ in the early days of The Sweeney to his slightly priggish character in Inspector Morse.


      1. Morse was a complicated fellow. We’ve only just started seeing Endeavour “over ‘ere”… Sorry David, I’m completely unfamiliar with “The Sweeney”; but then again, having run from Jan 75 to Dec 78 – definitely no cable or sattelite TV back then, lol! (But they certainly looked a tough bunch; )


        1. Listen, Guvnor – have a butcher’s at this Sweeney video.

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        2. Wow, they sure were a tough bunch, weren’t they?


        3. Out of interest, you may not know the origin of the name. ‘Sweeney’ is a shortened version of Sweeney Todd (as in the demon barber). And that’s rhyming slang for the Flying Squad, which is a branch of the Serious and Organised Crime Command within London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

          Google for Cockney rhyming slang and you’ll find lots of it 🙂


        4. Apparently I lost the response previously written on WP app, but I’ll endeavour to replicate 😉
          Yes thanks, I am aware of both Sweeney Todd (barber of Fleet Street) and cockney rhyming – but of course having cultural references of the time and place are pretty much necessary to connect the dots, right?. I am also familiar with the term “Flying Squad” being used by police; but on this side of the ocean it was used in 1973 by the O.P.P. / Ontario Provincial Police’s newly minted drug enforcement section. These days, some have used it to label the (very specialised) team who travel around the province arresting speeding motorists…


  2. I was lucky enough to have the chance to climb right up to the apex of the Chapel roof earlier this year – something of a “don’t look down” moment but such amazing views of the city and it was awe inspiring to walk across the vaulted ceiling!


    1. How interesting – Is that something that anyone can do, or did you have special access?

      I just took a look at your site – great photos!


      1. Thank you, David, they’re all taken with my Samsung phone. The Kings climb was a charity event in support of Camsight, organised by one of the Fellows, I think.


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