An Email From A Web Security Expert

I received an email today via the contact form on our e-commerce website. It said that the website was accessible at /wp-admin/. The message read:

You probably would have known, how important is to secure your website from an unauthorized intrusion? …

Fortunately, I did a quick rundown of your website and noticed that it can be possibly compromised very easily with little efforts by a hacker…

Kindly let me know, if you would like to tighten your website security. I look forward to hearing from you.

I decided to take a look at the website of this security expert. It was nicely laid out, but with a problem with the English as you can see with the sentence “WordPress is so elegant unless you protect it.”

I can’t think what word to replace ‘elegant’ with. Maybe ‘vulnerable’, but then what is the ‘so’ doing in the sentence?

OK, jokes aside, the part that made me sit up were these testimonials.

Nice photos. They look unconvincing. I took a screen grab of the photo of the woman and put her into Google Image Search. Ah, she is Jennifer Tress, an author mentioned in an article in Marie Claire and elsewhere. Good old Google Image search.

The man was almost too easy – Google tells me he is Iain Banks, the famous Scottish author who died in 2013.

So the testimonials are fake.

Let’s see where this leads. If I fell for this pitch I would no doubt have to give my sign-in credentials to this firm of web security credentials. And then what?

About Iain Banks – I had to check the date of his death. Was it really 2013? We were living in Edinburgh until the end of last year, so there was more in the news about his death than if, say, we were living in London. Still, I would have guessed it was last year that he died. 2015 at most. Four years already? Unbelievable.