The Photographer And Concentration

I wrote once before that I think photography has a lot in common with archery. Line up the shot and then let it loose. Once committed, whether it connects with the target is something you the photographer can watch unfold but cannot influence.

Of course it takes just a split second from taking the photo to sensing whether it was the photo one wanted to take. But that split second can widen and last a good long breath.


  1. So tell me, was this pic about what you wanted to get… Or what they wanted? (Or was that the whole idea ; )


    1. Good question, nicely expressed.

      I had just been photographing the building they were photographing, but I had to distinguish myself from the tourist hordes by photographing something more ‘suitable to a photographer’. 🙂

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  2. Mara Eastern says:

    I never heard photography being compared to archery and the comparison is very accurate.


    1. Yes, especially when the ‘target’ cannot be repeated at will.

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