Trying The New iPhone Editor

I just updated the iOS WordPress app and it asked whether I would like to try the new editor. It's in Beta, so maybe I should expect problems.

Maybe I should have clicked the 'What's New' button because I can't see any difference between this and the old editor.

OK, I clicked the little 'beta' button I can see in this admin panel and I read that the features to test include using both Aztec and Calypso interfaces.

What is Aztec, I wonder? Is this Aztec?

Read the instructions!

I just went back and now I read that:

WordPress for iOS 8.0 is the first release with the new beta editor codenamed “Aztec”. We’re working through the final stages of getting the editor ready for everyone to use and you’re helping us make it better!

That makes no sense to me because we are now on iOS 10.3.2. So Aztec has been around for ages.

So what is 'beta' in this beta?

I see it includes dictation to edit posts. That sounds (haha) a recipe for disaster. How do I tell the interface to go back up three lines and change 'haha' to 'ha ha'.

Let's try.

Go back up and change haha to ha ha.

That was a miserable failure. It just added the extra text instead of going back up and editing the text. I probably don't understand what the interface is supposed to do.

Let's hit publish.


  1. I suppose, if I’m understanding you correctly and this is post-writing by dictation, then enunciation would be paramount? But thinking that final edits would be less frustrating done “by hand”; )


    1. Alright, so having reread your post I see that it’s the editing not the writing being done here… (Still like my idea better; )


      1. Yes, the editing – but how the app is supposed to recognise that I am trying to edit something is beyond me (and I suspect, beyond the dictating abilities of the app).

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    2. Yes, that’s right. I have started dictating on my phone now that various applications accept dictation. It is not perfect but when I want to write something off the cuff it is a good way of getting stuff down on ‘paper’. That said, I have sometimes looked at what I have written and wonder what I must have meant because the dictation is so wrong that it’s undecipherable.


      1. Auto-correct at its best; )


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