The Chat Bit

Idly scrolling through the list of widgets in the admin panel, I came across, which describes itself as a simple web chat.

I put the widget in the sidebar and if anyone feels like chatting using it, go ahead. I have no idea how it is supposed to work, but maybe we’ll find out.

By the way – no guarantee it will be there in a couple of weeks time or whenever a reader of the future happens on this post. But it’s there for the moment.

3 thoughts on “The Chat Bit

  1. Hm, there’s nothing below “chatter, chatter” and I’m still waiting for your page to finish loading. I’d check page load time with this widget on google. Maybe it’s my connection but…


    1. Thanks for the alert.

      I’ll put an image up on the post of what it supposed to be below the ‘chatter, chatter’ in the sidebar.

      Is it still a problem? (I just tried it from another browser and it came up straight away. And I tunnelled from Sweden with a VPN to try it and it loaded OK.)

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