In Salmon Pink

salmon-pink dress on a mannequin

I don’t know how they can do it – put those mannequins on display with that strange gearstick thing on their shoulders where their necks and head should be. Is it a handle with which to move them around? That doesn’t seem credible because they are high up on the model and not the easiest place to grab hold of. And why not just put your arms around its waist to move it around? So if it is not a handle, what is it?

Who designed these things and who decided they look OK? I may have given the game away about what I think of them. In case you are in any doubt – I think they are bizarre.

This one was in a shop window, and here is the unedited version shot with my iPhone.

And now I give you ‘mannequin-with-dress-and-truncated-gearstick’ that I created by masking off the top of said gearstick and colouring it the same as the background.

5 thoughts on “In Salmon Pink

  1. Aha! I can see you’ve never done any window dressing! In an earlier part of my life I had some experience with these things, or similar. When you move a dressed form like this (not strictly a mannequin) you don’t want to crease or soil or otherwise tamper with the freshly pressed and arranged clothing, so you want to be able to move the whole thing by grasping the thing by the handle at the top in one hand, and at the base of the form ir even the pole in the other. So it is functional, and not daft. You’d need to have done it to know, I suppose! Lovely picture – luscious.

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