Herdwick In A Film Frame

Design Cuts sells fonts, vectors, patterns, and other stuff, and also does freebies. The frame on this photo is from their current vector film textures freebie. I overlaid one of the frames on an image of a Herdwick ram and then reversed out the frame to get some contrast because the background to image of the ram is black.

If you are looking for other freebies, there is also Creative Market, which sends them out every Monday. Just sign up and you will get their email with the weekly offer.

And Here Is A Word About Overfishing

three fishes and text 'Some modern trawl nets are so huge that they can fit thirteen Boeing 747 airplanes in their openings.
That’s thirteen Boeing 747s wingtip to wingtip – think about it.


  1. Love the Herdwick ram. Solid. Stoic. Ruminescent (new made up word for the day; )
    As to the “fishing”? “Oceanic Rape” would seem more apt… ):):


    1. Sorry, got totally overwhelmed by the netting imagery): And of course your presentation of the ram’s head image is wonderful, playful and put a smile on my face (until I read the bit about “fishing”)


    2. Yes, when those trawl nets scrape the bottom they pull everything off and ruin it. Your description is apt.

      You may have caught this in the news, but in 2016, President Obama created the world’s largest marine protected area by designating it as a National Monument. It expanded an existing ocean reserve off Hawaii and covers 582,578 square miles. That’s an area 750 miles square. Its existence is important on a global scale. Long may it remain.


      1. Yes, and of particular importance considering what’s been done to the oceans of that (general) area in the name of Scientific Experimentation.
        You speak of of the ongoing degradation caused by drag netting, David… I’ve often wondered – like every time there was yet another announcement of the “safe” underwater testing of a nuclear device – how much damage was being done to the world’s oceans… And they wonder why the oceans’ water temperature has been increasing… Seriously?!? Surely I can’t be the only one to think of this?


        1. I love nature. It is my pleasure. But since Silent Spring, things have only got worse year on year – at least in the countryside here in the UK. There are small successes – but against a background of declining numbers of just about everything. Some populations have crashed with 90% losses. I


        2. After our last gloomy correspondence I thought I’d share this lovely piece… dormouse monitor

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