Month: May 2017

Echium Pininana

Photographed in the grounds of King’s College, Cambridge. From memory they were about six feet tall (1.83m) See the details below that says the flowers can grow up to 4m long. (13 feet)! Interesting plants, yes? From the Royal Horticultural Society Other common names giant viper’s bugloss tower of jewels Synonyms Echium pinnifolium Family Boraginaceae Genus Echium can be annuals, biennials, evergreen perennials or shrubs, with simple, coarsely hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers borne in panicles or dense spikes in summer Details Echium pininana is a rosette-forming biennial or short-lived perennial with lance-shaped, roughly silver-hairy leaves to 7cm long. Each rosette produces a flower panicle up to 4m long of funnel-shaped blue flowers with large bracts in mid and late summer Plant range Canary Islands Hat Tip Hat tip to Nicole Gipps of ThatSuperGirl for naming the plant.

Ely In A Day

Ely is just a short train journey from Cambridge, so it is easy to do in a day. This is the lantern in the cathedral, and it’s just a quick shot on my phone. Next time I go I will set up something with my camera to get a better shot, but maybe even then I will not be able to capture the Wow! factor. And it is a big Wow! Looking up and seeing the lantern set into the roof with the light streaming in and held up on spindly wooden struts is worth seeing. From Wikipedia The central octagonal tower has eight internal archways that lead up to timber fan-vaulting that appears to allow the glazed timber lantern to balance on their struts. The central lantern has panels showing pictures of musical angels, which can be opened, with access from the Octagon roof-space, so that choristers can sing from there. There are a couple of roads to the cathedral that lead up from the railway station. I asked a nice woman which way …

Gender Non-Specific, Colour Coded

There will always be differences between people. Once we assign them to a group, we categorise them and that leads to a false belief that we can behave towards them in a certain way. But they are all made up of people, and whatever we may feel, we just don’t have the right to behave differently to different people just because they are different. And to those who say that might is right – might is just dominant; it is not right.