10 thoughts on “Looking At The Tree

  1. Many random thoughts here…
    Wow, what a lovely tree David; so many flowers and so HUGE! How old is it? What sort of tree is it, a cherry perhaps? (And what happens to all of the fruit she must bear?)
    You have fruit trees in bloom already? What zone are you there?! (We had a snowstorm here yesterday – a bit of a fluke for April – where they were calling for 25-30mm of rain and (only the chance of) 2cm of snow but instead we had well over 2 inches of this incredibly heavy, wet stuff blow in from the north-west and totally blanket everything!):):
    Loving your cherry tree: )


    1. Yes, cherry or something in that family. We don’t get a good enough season for fruit in the open – maybe in a walled garden. Mostly the trees are ornamental. We’ve had trees in bloom for a few weeks – We are 52 degrees North and warmed by the Gulf Stream – people sunbathing near our house 😊 – the advantage of Cambridge over Edinburgh… You have snow! Was that very unusual for the time of year?

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