Gibbon Call In The Early Morning


I wanted to share a recording I made of a gibbon calling in the early morning. I happened to be talking to one of the zoo keepers at Edinburgh Zoo when I heard the sound, and I thought it was a bird calling. The keeper explained that it was a gibbon and said that they like to call in the early morning. He told me where they were located and I made my way uphill and recorded the sound with my iPhone.

I thought I might be able to upload the clip here but for that I would need one of the paid WordPress plans – you can find the details here

So I went searching for where I could upload the MP4 file and I found which allows me to do that.

So, with that intro – here is a : GIBBON CALL in the early morning.


  1. Rebekah says:

    I would have thought it was a bird too.

    Did you draw the image in the header of this post?


    1. Yes, I drew it with my finger on my phone with the Inkflow app. Then I added more of the background colour either side of the image in Photoshop to make the shape I needed for the header image.


      1. Rebekah says:

        I like that …


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