Month: February 2017

Trinity Hall, Cambridge – View From Clare College

The Backs is the name for a stretch of road and footpaths and greenery where several colleges of the University of Cambridge back on to the River Cam. Their grounds stretch across both banks of the river and there are various public and private footpaths that cut through to the middle of the town to the east. This particular view is from the bridge over the river Cam that leads into Clare College and it is a view of Trinity College and the bridge over Garret Hostel Lane. The bridge on Garret Hostel Lane is humpbacked and dangerous because some cyclists speed up the approach so that they can get over the hump. When they crest the rise at speed they are a menace to pedestrians. The Photo I took it with my iPhone using the HDR option in ProCamera. I am never sure what the result is going to be when I take a photo using the HDR option. Sometimes it creates this pastel look that reminds me of a Vermeer. Of course, the …

Gibbon Call In The Early Morning

I wanted to share a recording I made of a gibbon calling in the early morning. I happened to be talking to one of the zoo keepers at Edinburgh Zoo when I heard the sound, and I thought it was a bird calling. The keeper explained that it was a gibbon and said that they like to call in the early morning. He told me where they were located and I made my way uphill and recorded the sound with my iPhone. I thought I might be able to upload the clip here but for that I would need one of the paid WordPress plans – you can find the details here So I went searching for where I could upload the MP4 file and I found which allows me to do that. So, with that intro – here is a : GIBBON CALL in the early morning.