The Puppet Waits Between The Shows


The puppet waits between the shows
and what he thinks
no one knows

What does he think? What has he seen? Is he happy? Is he sad? Does he feel threatened by all those people tramping past – after all, he is small and they are so big.

No, they don’t notice him. He can rest and recapture old memories of when he was at the top of his profession.

What a come-down, left to sit in the dirt. If they only knew that there was a time he stayed in the best hotels.

Remember that time in Paris, and that adventure in Buenos Aires with the heiress? Those were the days. It was she who gave him the red neckerchief after that dash across the rooftops.

He knows he wasn’t built for the 21st century and urban madness. Give him a country lane and a bicycle, and a dalliance in a cafe where he would never pass again – that’s more his speed.

That moustache has been twirled in places the like of which the world will never see again.

Those hands have touched delights that would make a countess swoon.

No more.

Ah well – almost time for the next performance.


  1. Tamara says:

    Love the whimsy with a touch of poignancy in your writing, David – ditto about your great photo. Feeling sorry for the little wooden guy for sure! 😰


    1. Yes, he has fallen on hard times. We can wonder where he is now. Maybe a traveling circus?


      1. Tamara says:

        Well, who knows, maybe he’s fallen in love with the ‘romance of the road’ and life’s good for him, eh? Fingers crossed…

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    1. Big smile. Thank you 🙂


  2. Joan E. Miller says:

    I love this! You have entered a realm where few humans go. You have connected with the unseen consciousness. You have tapped his soul.

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  3. Rebekah M says:

    “The romance of the road” can’t be easy these days … especially not for a guy like him. ☺️

    I vaguely remember a song; “Puppet on a String” from my youth … Sandy Shaw, I believe it was, and if my memory serves me right, she performed barefooted.


  4. This is wonderful-your image and opening rhyme offers such wonderful possibilities!

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  5. I like this title (and photo). We’re all puppets.


    1. Yes. Some have more fun than others. Is it all down to chance?

      When I used to think about these things I thought there were only about four people in the world and the rest are all copies.


      1. There’s this photographer that has travelled aroud the world and captured what he calls tribes: people from different parts of the world that all dress the same way – like tribes. I can’t remember the photographers name, but it was a semi-interesting project.


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