News Roundup

Things I read in The Guardian today:

Edward Troup, the executive chairman of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, wrote in 1999 when he was in private practice as an accountant that ‘taxation is legalised extortion.’

Scanning brains under the influence of LSD has revealed connections occurring between many areas of the brain that are normally isolated. But there is a loss of connection between the parahippocanthus and the retrosplenial cortex, breaking down a sense of individual identity.

In the past seven months there have been over 100 suicide attempts in the northern Ontario Attawapiskat community of 2,000 people. The community leaders blame the bleak poverty the community faces.

In Norway, everyone’s income and tax affairs are public and online for anyone to view.

HTTPs Everywhere And Custom Domains

Did you see the post from Barry, one of the staff at that free HTTPS is now active for all custom domains hosted on

I looked at the URL of my site, which has a custom domain, and I saw the padlock.

Good. Google likes secure sites and sites under HTTPS are just generally better for avoiding hacking. OK, it’s not a big deal because looks after all the security issues – but still, it’s good.

Then what happened was that I wanted to check on a post I had written a little while ago about HTTPS/SSL coming to

I wanted to find the post I had written but I noticed I didn’t have a search form on my site.

So I went into the Admin panel and pulled a Search widget onto the sidebar.

And suddenly the padlock disappeared. When I refreshed the page it appeared for a second and then disappeared. There was no padlock any longer. It was an ex-padlock.

What was going on?

I checked on WhyNoPadlock and the analysis said:

Insecure  call. Found on line # 237 in file:

I entered a search term for HTTPS in the Search box and a warning message came up. It said something like ‘This is an insecure form. Are you sure you want to proceed?’

Huh? It’s just a search term in a Search box!

I pulled the Search form off the sidebar and the padlock returned. Very strange. It seemed I might have found a bug. It couldn’t be something I had introduced, could it?

I don’t think so because I have not implemented custom CSS or any other alterations to the WP code.

I raised the issue with staff and meanwhile today the padlock is back even though the Search box is still there.

So maybe somehow it was just a glitch while things were propagating through the Internet.

However, I checked again with WhyNoPadlock and got the same warning.

So now that’s doubly confusing because the padlock is there.

Warning Messages

But there’s another thing going on here and that is that I have been getting warning messages when I comment on some sites. Again it says something like ‘This is an insecure form. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

Rebekah from and I have discussed this when it has come up on some self-hosted WordPress sites.

So, and here’s a general question: Have you had an alert come up when you have commented or searched on a WordPress site recently?