Lunch In Florence

women having lunch on the street in Florence

women having lunch on the street in Florence

The setting is the quadrangle of the Uffizi Gallery. It is a public thoroughfare, and I passed through it a couple of times and didn’t realise it was the Uffizi.

These are locals – at least Italians – as I could hear from their conversation that echoed around the building – and I was struck by how relaxed they were eating in public. I may be wrong, but I think that people would be more reticent in a similar setting in the UK.

I love the characteristic movement of the woman sitting, as she illustrates a point she is making.


  1. vanglo48 says:

    Good candid. I do so love the way the Italians speak with their hands. This cozy shot echoes small corner gatherings you see in many rennaisance paintings…. the clothing being the only difference in setting. Some things even time cannot change.


  2. dapplegrey says:

    I’d already decided that this was actually an oil painting – in fact an Italian one and also an Old Master (by some miraculous modern method I imagine you capable of) before I saw the location. How wonderful. I love it.


  3. Rebekah M says:

    I’ve never thought of that … whether people would eat out in public, like that, here. Don’t think I’ve seen it. They do, constantly, walk around with coffee mugs in their hands … everywhere, in the grocery store too. They eat lunch in their cars.


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