Dog Walkers In Manhattan

My wife Tamara is very quick to spot photographic opportunities, and we were just getting off the bus on our way to the Met Museum when she spotted these dog walkers.

The scene was unfolding fast, as you can imagine on a Manhattan street with people walking along, so I had to grab the moment when the street was clear. I took more photos when we were in front of the walkers but this shot gives the best overall impression of the numbers – twelve dogs I think, but you can count them.

If you are going to be hired to walk a dog, I can see how it is better to walk with several of them at the same time and to go around with a co-worker who is also walking dogs.

I wonder what the dogs think of it?

dog walkers and dogs in manhattan


  1. Imagine if your name was Doug Walker, and apply for a job like that.

    It seems to be going pretty good for them … so many wills, they could start to go in all different directions.


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