Amédée Ozenfant

Amédée Ozenfant

The attendant was leaning in the corner.
He knew pretty well that I wanted him in the picture.
I wasn’t super keen on the red of the vases in the picture but I liked the way the painter, Amédée Ozenfant, drew the stylised shadows.
I googled for more of Amédée Ozenfant. I like the colours and tones and shapes in a lot of his stuff. I am not sure I can attach much meaning to it – just nice shapes. Maybe I need to stand in front of more of his originals.
Wikipedia tells me that with Le Corbusier he founded the Purist movement.
I learned about Le Corbusier at school. I still hanker to see one of his buildings in the flesh. I may have already and forgotten it.
But really it was the attendant in the corner that I wanted in the photo.

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