Early Morning – Edinburgh Airport

early morning - edinburgh airport

Sitting in the cafe
waiting for a flight
low sun over the car park
wondering where all the drivers and passengers are.
Are they on planes already?


  1. Rebekah M says:

    Yeah, makes you wonder, huh … and where did they all go?!

    Are you back now?


    1. Yes, I am back. We arrived back on Friday – I have some photos to post! How are things?


      1. Rebekah M says:

        They are good 🙂 I bought Genesis. I like! Each time I want to bring up that thing; ‘inspect element’ to look at CSS, I have to fire up Chrome, because I don’t understand anything when I do it in Safari LOL [ http://goo.gl/9YRhWv ]


  2. I can’t do anything with Safari, either. I use the Firebug add-on in Firefox to highlight elements so I can figure out what to do.

    I saw a plugin for Genesis mentioned by Julie Stoian from FabulousBlogging – it’s a paid-for plugin from CobaltApps called the Extender plugin. It’s not cheap but if I ever thought about offering WP services (haha) I would look at it a bit more closely


  3. Rebekah M says:

    Will take a look at it.

    They, themselves, advertise the DesignPalette at $50 but that’s _a year_!!! If it had been a one time thing … perhaps, but not annual.


  4. Rebekah M says:

    $39 for the plugin, so that wasn’t the worst … Here: http://cobaltapps.com/downloads/genesis-extender-plugin/


      1. Rebekah M says:

        Not yet … I’m watching the video 😀

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