The Origin Of The Playfair Typeface

Living in Edinburgh, I see the name Playfair from time to time. The Playfair Steps are on the footpath leading from Princes Street to Market Street at the top of the Mound. They are named in honour of the architect William Henry Playfair (1789 -1857). Then there is the Playfair Building (often called Surgeons’s Hall)Continue reading “The Origin Of The Playfair Typeface”

Manhattan Skyline From Central Park

Early evening and I was not sure I wanted to photograph a ‘standard’ scene. But there were people taking photographs and I thought I better get off my high horse and take some shots. Thoughts of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken that I wrote about elsewhere, come to mind as I write that. TechContinue reading “Manhattan Skyline From Central Park”