Month: October 2015

How To Deal With The Problem Of Emails With Large Files

An artist contacted us at Flying Twigs recently. She sent me a bunch of images and asked for my feedback asking whether her style and our cards would be a good fit. Here’s a tip for artists and illustrators who want to put their work in front of a potential audience: It’s better not to email a bunch of big images to a prospect. That’s because it’s not a good idea to fill up the recipient’s email space with 50 Megabytes or more of email attachments. So, with that in mind I gave some feedback to the artist who emailed me. I noticed that she emailed a lot of people at the same time and I gave her a ‘heads up’ about large email enclosures and how to deal with that in future in case she didn’t know how to do it. She took my reply in good part and asked how to do it and I decided to put my reply in a more visual form and turn it into this ‘howto’ article. Before …

Limerick For Writing201

The theme set for today is ‘limerick’ And at composing those, I am pretty slick But enjambment’s the word To insert in the third? Now that leave mes feeling pretty sick. [Guidelines for Day Four: A limerick on the theme of ‘imperfection’ and containing an enjambment*] An enjambment is a grammatical sentence that stretches from one line of verse to the next.

Acrostic For Writing201

Acrostic Can I please thee Apple of my eye? Regard this gift delightful as this ditty. Bought for you Only for you And you tossed it aside Rejected it Dismissed it Because the box is made in China Oh my darling Xenophobe [Guidelines for Day Two: An acrostic on the theme of ‘gift’ and containing a simile]