Adamo Laureti – Accordion Player


His name is Adamo Laureti and today he was playing near Peter’s Yard near Bristow Square here in Edinburgh. I talked to him once before and commented how he plays the accordion with a lovely rhythm to his playing.


  1. tassitus says:

    He looks like a person who is happy and content …

    PS: I moved back to the safe haven of wp dot com for the last time ever. Messed up a little, and was unable to move the ‘followers’, and that’s sad. I sincerely hope you’ll hit the follow-button again …


    1. Of course, I hit the ‘follow’ button straight away!

      There is a kind of melancholy and happiness all bundled up in him. He told me he has been playing since he was 13 years old. So he has been playing and meeting people on the street for a long time!

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      1. tassitus says:

        We have street musicians here too, but they’re all little old men who seem to have lived a tough life …


  2. ciana canavan says:

    I too meet adamo going back a few years ago on the lovely streets of galway my home town!! It always sticks out in my head the beautiful kind warm smile he has and also how wonderfully he played his music! We are still friends to this day on fb and often have a chat..he is ever the gentleman and i wish him all the best in his travels:)××


    1. Lovely comment – thank you!


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