Month: August 2015

Glorious Light In Edinburgh Yesterday Evening

I went photo hunting and then I went into Starbucks when I saw the early evening light striking the buildings. Because Edinburgh is so far north (55˚) the light slants in from an angle even in the summer. This raking light is one of the reasons that Scotland attracts so many photographers in early autumn when the landscape is lit by this gorgeous light. Shot with my iPhone 6. I don’t know why the image is fuzzy here – anyone know what WordPress does? Click the photo and click again and you will see it big and sharp. This is a smaller version – you can ignore it – it is so that I can upload it to The Online Photographer

My Photo Published In The Times

I was asked to take photos of the rehearsals of three plays that are being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Two are directed by Matthew Lillard of Scream fame. The plays are: Fault Lines by Stephen Belber Filthy Talk for Troubled Times by Neil LaBute Pulse from Acts Of Redemption by Lorna Irvine I guessed in advance that the lighting would be a problem. When I got there I saw that even with the lights turned up, the overall light levels were low. And if the lights were turned up fully, it would alter or destroy the atmosphere. I used my Fuji X100s and I had no flash apart from the tiny flash built in to the camera, so I was working with just the what the camera could do. I have a Nikon camera, but I thought that the Fuji would copy with low shutter speeds better because unlike SLRs, it doesn’t have a mirror box and therefore no mirror slap – see below about that. Off We Go I didn’t want to …