Warming Up For The Edinburgh Festival

They came from far and wide. They are the performers (or some of them) here for the festival. Last Sunday they gathered in the streets leading down to Princes Street and then they marched in a long ragged procession down the street and back up again and then into Princes Street Gardens.

The weather was rubbish. It has been an extraordinarily rubbish summer thus far. Today it is overcast – no doubt it will rain at some point during the day. Do I sound bitter? What, me bitter? No, but the overbearing, overhanging, overcast weather does dampen spirits – Give me the sun, the Sun!!

Ah – but on Sunday when I was scouting around for photos, I came across people getting ready – and here is Alice in Wonderland on stilts.

But what attracted me to look closer first of all was a man dressed in green and representing a figure in Hindu mythology. By the time made my way over there the man had undraped himself from the lamppost over which he was entwined and I missed the shot.

Then I saw a man and what I thought at first was a child. And I wanted to photograph them because they were Indian – and somewhat exotic – and India has a special place in my heart.

But when I got closer I saw that the smaller figure was not a boy, but a man. The taller man lit a bidi and they shared it while I photographed them. I asked where they were from and it turns out they are from Rajasthan.

My personal favourite may not carry over into a photo. What I mean is that the experience of being there on the street and seeing Alice on stilts next to the very small man made for a scene that was momentary.






  1. tassitus says:

    I can imagine seeing this must have been some experience! Looking at these colourful photos, I kind of get the idea, when I see the one with all three … and get the idea of how small the green guy is 🙂


    1. I have another shot of him later in the day when he was in the parade. It shows his very small he is.


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