The Editor WordPress Theme – Too Subtle?


I love the big headlines and the clarity of the layout of the Editor WordPress theme. But the bits that are perhaps too subtle are ‘hidden’ in a folder icon that is the route into the sidebar links – including even the ‘Search’ box.

What do you think – just right / too subtle / ?

13 thoughts on “The Editor WordPress Theme – Too Subtle?

  1. I can’t say I’m crazy over any of the minimalist themes. For photography blog like yours I can see the appeal, but I don’t like having to search for something as basic as a search box.


    • Thank you for the feedback and as I may have non-too subtly hinted that’s my feeling.

      I like the theme well enough that I am going to contact the makers and suggest that the search box makes its way to the front somehow.


  2. I really _like_ the theme, and the subtle sidebar, but then again, I realise that most people wouldn’t notice those little icons … or even ‘get it’. So … yes, I guess it’s too subtle.


  3. I often come across search boxes that aren’t search boxes in the original sense. To a certain extent I “blame” Google for their material designs where you tap a vague area and “boom! Zap! Kapow!” it suddenly reveals a search box that you wouldn’t have known was there unless you were familiar with the design principles that have been adhered to. I am, you are but someone like my Dad wouldn’t be and therefore people will get annoyed by it.


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