Jim is homeless. He would rather have a home he says, but he won’t have one on someone else’s terms if it turns him into something he doesn’t want to be.

He’s bright and I think he has an interesting life for all it hardships. Winters here in Scotland must be terribly cruel.

I took the first photo with the Fuji, and the next two images are crops from the full frame. I took the last photo with my phone.






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Strelitzia – genus named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Why?

Known as the Bird of Paradise flower or the crane flower.

Pollinated by birds, who perch on the spathe. Their weight opens and releases the pollen onto the bird’s feet, which is then deposits on the next flower it visits.

I found out why the plant is named after Queen Charlotte. This is from the Kew Gardens site:

The bird-of-paradise flower, or crane flower as it is sometimes known, was first introduced into Britain in 1773 by Sir Joseph Banks, then the unofficial director of the Royal Gardens at Kew (as they were known at that time). He named the exotic-looking plant Strelitzia in honour of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III and Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who lived at Kew for many years.