Cherry Blossom

There are cherry blossoms everywhere in Edinburgh.

There was a bitterly cold wind blowing through Edinburgh last week and I thought it might kill the new blossom.

So I am glad that it has survived the wind.

A Tip

Here’s a tip for anyone posting from their phone. For anyone who has used an offline blogging app, this may be familiar.

What happens is that you style the text as you go. The problem that can happen is that the app gets confused about exactly where the styling ends.

A better way is to write all the text and then go back and highlight the text you want to style, and style it. 


  1. Cherry blossom is stunning isn’t it. We were in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales a few years ago in spring and there were streets just full of cherry trees in flower. I’m glad you get to enjoy these trees for a while longer. My daughter, who is living in Manchester at the moment, told me on the weekend that it was snowing in Scotland.


    1. ‘Snow on high ground’ as they say – none in Edinburgh to speak of. Rained yesterday, sunny the day before – ‘Oh Spring, where art thou?’ 🙂

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      1. Maybe you’ll go right from winter to summer!


        1. We can hope 🙂


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