What Number Is Your WordPress Blog

...because no blog post should be without a photo
…because no blog post should be without a photo

I’ve been on a merry-go-round of visiting blog posts this morning – and it’s still not yet 9am.

I found myself on Mara Eastern’s site and an article about kidnapping my cat.

And I liked the Sela theme she is using so I went across to my WP test site and changed the theme.

I happened to look at the URL for adding a new post using the ‘improved posting experience’. It was https://wordpress.com/post/42958336/new

If I had used the classic un-improved posting experience via the Admin panel, the URL would have been


After a bit of checking I worked out that the number must be the number of the blog and that I Use This For Testing is WordPress blog number 42,958,336.

This PhotographWorks blog is a lower number, which makes sense because I have had it a longer time.

Of course, I may be the last person in the WP blogosphere to realise this fact about the number of a blog. I may be person 42,958,336 – and everyone else knows it already.

Edit Someone Else’s Blog?

I tried substituting a different digit for one of the digits in the ‘42958336’ and wrote a short post. When I tried to save the draft a flash message came up that told me that there was an error and I couldn’t edit that post.

Which is what I expected, as I didn’t expect that I would be able to crash across and add a post to someone else’s blog or WordPress would be in a mess.

11 thoughts on “What Number Is Your WordPress Blog

  1. However … at the same time, I’d signed up for another one; Idriya. Had some idea that I’d blog in Swedish. That one [Idriya] has number 1537904


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