Uccello in Princes Street


This is Uccello’s George And The Dragon. I’ve always found the layout of the plants on the ground a bit odd.  It’s like a garden, neatly laid out. 

It’s not what I expect, given the big cave in the painting.

In the Princes Street gardens here in Edinburgh, the ground has been harrowed and raked, ready for the new grass.

And it made me think of the Uccello painting.



  1. Rebekah says:

    Yes, the shape of the brown is similar 🙂

    I shot the George and the Dragon sculpture in Stockholm, last autumn, but the photo didn’t turn out to my liking.


    1. Interesting – What’s his connection to Sweden?

      Because St George is the patron saint of England, I think of him in that context – and very parochial of me to do so 🙂


      1. Rebekah says:

        I honestly don’t know! There are hospitals named after him too … got to find out! 😀


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