ProCamera and Enlight



Summerhall is a multi-purpose arts venue here in Edinburgh. It is privately owned and because of that it is home to experimental artists and techies in a way that I don’t think could work or survive any other way.

There was a photo exhibition in the cafe that showcased how blind and partially-sighted people made something of their lives. There was a film crew there interviewing the curator and photographer and I took this photo of the cafe in amongst shots of the video photographer and his camera.

I am attracted to the sight of huge chunks of high-tech equipment that look like they could invade Mars, so out came my phone.

It’s funny really because I had my Fuji X100s camera in my camera bag that can knock spots off the phone – but it’s the iPhone I reached for.

I have had and old version of ProCamera app on my phone for a long, long while. Then someone mentioned the new version and I updated to it and it is the best photo app I have ever used.

The second shot is a filtered version of the first shot. I made it with the new app I bought a couple of days ago. It’s called Enlight, and it looks interesting – maybe interesting enough to use regularly.

It’s not just a filter app; it is also a camera and I’ll give it a whirl when I am next out in town.

This article originally appeared in More Flying Twigs.


  1. John says:

    The app does a nice job, looks great.


    1. Thanks.
      Yes, it seems to do something that some other camera apps don’t do, which is to give a kind of a silky smooth appearance – still sharp – but smooth.


  2. Rebekah says:

    Interesting. Will check out the ProCamera app.


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