I’m On A Mission For Mix Tape Radio

I’m on a mission to help this station stay on the air. The more ‘listens’ he gets the more chance he will keep his bandwidth and enable him to put out his stuff.

Click the radio to go to the station:


  1. The internet and podcasts have been a godsend for the revival of radio drama and DJ’s. I especially like that I can download and listen to them on my phone, because I can’t sit in one place for too long these days.


    1. I see a lot of people walking about with a full headset on. I don’t get on well with the ear buds. I can hear, but then I get a pain in my ears no matter how softly I have been listening. It’s just something I have – maybe it’s earbuditis.

      Full headsets look like overkill but maybe it’s something to try.

      I’ve been thinking of doing a series of podcasts – explanations of things, anecdotes, etc. Not sure what software to use. Have you ever made a podcast?


      1. By the way, I don’t know if you saw, but the Portland PressPublish event will have a session on Podcasting. The livestream is tomorrow and you can sign up with your WPcom account for “free,” meaning that you don’t pay anything but they will send you a post-event survey. Let me know if you need the link. Otherwise, they’ve said the event is being recorded and will be up online eventually.


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