Sailor Sketching Pen


I bought a Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Fountain Pen about a year ago. It has a bent-up nib that is tipped at about 55 degrees.

I scribbled with it a couple of times and then put it in my pen pot and forgot about it. It didn’t forget about me however, and kept eyeing me as though to ask when I was going to take it out again.

About a week ago I took it out and the nib had dried out and the ink wouldn’t flow. I gave it a few hefty shakes and then another shake and another, and eventually it started to write again.

So I put it down on the desk and let it settle and then sketched this bird. I have to say that I like the irregularity of the line.



  1. tassitus says:

    I like the bird. I don’t like fountain pens; I’m left-handed. Took a course in calligraphy once and that didn’t work out too well.


    1. I too am left handed. The tip of this pen is bent up at an angle but it is not canted to left or right. So it is equally usable/unusable but everyone 🙂


      1. tassitus says:

        Extremely interesting! Never knew such a pen existed.

        One has to be careful with the sign in/out procedure here in WP — I was pretty sure I was commenting with my regular ID, but apparently not so. Oh well … 🙂


        1. I wondered when I saw Tassitus but I know it is you. 🙂


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