Uccello in Princes Street


This is Uccello’s George And The Dragon. I’ve always found the layout of the plants on the ground a bit odd.  It’s like a garden, neatly laid out. 

It’s not what I expect, given the big cave in the painting.

In the Princes Street gardens here in Edinburgh, the ground has been harrowed and raked, ready for the new grass.

And it made me think of the Uccello painting.


Bearded Collies


Photographed at the 31st General Championship Show of the Scottish Breeds Canine Club held at the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston, near Edinburgh, on 28th March.

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By The Way – If You Are A WordPress.com Blogger

the-pencil-iconThis is the first post I have written by pressing the pencil icon in the ‘My Sites’ navigation bar. Usually, I go to the Admin bar for the site and choose ‘new post’.

Let’s see whether this oversimplifies/messes up the way I like to post.


I left this post as a draft and went to do something else – and it was a circuitous mess to get back to the draft. I sympathise with any newbie bloggers who are trying to find their way around the admin panel.