An artist’s space for small works

An artist’s space for small works:

Mrs Ricks Cupboard,

…made by Mr Hopgood’ is a walk-in cupboard that measures, 152cm x 126cm x 244cm and is located within Craig Fisher and Debra Swann’s current studio space in Primary, Nottingham. The cupboard is an original fixture in the space, the former Douglas Primary School in Nottingham.

I found it by following the links from Emily Speed‘s website – and I found her because she was exhibiting and selling her books at an exhibition at the FruitMarket Gallery here in Edinburgh a few days ago.

The books were tiny, handmade books and what attracted me to them was that Emily is a good draftswoman.

The last photo shows a box for a 35mm film, which give an idea of the size of the books.

And the third photo shows that I bought a limited edition – not that I knew until I got it home. 🙂

Take a look at her website to find out what interests her:

“My interests lies in the relationship between people and buildings and my work explores the body and its relationship to architecture. The idea of shelter and the inhabitant is at the core of much of my work; how a person is shaped by the buildings they have occupied and how a person occupies their own psychological space.





I’ll talk about transitional spaces in another post: It’s an area that interests me.

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