Half His Bodyweight In Bamboo


I’ve been using the Waterlogue application on the iPhone by importing photos from my computer via Dropbox. It makes life a lot easier for getting access to a photo so that I can run it through Waterlogue.

I have mentioned the Waterlogue application before, but if you are not familiar with it, it makes a watercolour impressionistic version of a photograph. and with a bit of judgement over what images will work, it produces nice effects.

I took the photo at the zoo, where the panda was munching his way through bamboo – a third of his bodyweight a day – and he weighs 20 stone. The paler-coloured strips on his belly are strips of the outer bark that he has stripped off so he can get to the good stuff inside.

While we were watching, he casually broke an inch-and-a-half diameter bamboo branch in two with his teeth.

In the run-up to the time for impregnating a willing female, he will eat half his bodyweight of bamboo a day. I guess the extra nourishment is to fuel his activity in attracting a mate, because pandas are solitary animals and only come together as adults to mate.

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