MarsEdit and Comments

OK, now here is a tiny post that I am going to upload from MarsEdit to see whether it alters the default setting for comments.

And I see that MarsEdit does not affect comments – that is, it allows them.


  1. Rebekah says:

    That must have been just me.

    When you type up your posts in Mars Edit, do you have all the code/tags in front of you as you type?

    In case NOT; where do you go when you want to edit the code?


    1. I do have all the HTML code in front of me. I like it because it is obvious what is going on on the page.


      1. Rebekah says:

        Interesting! … how we are all wired differently. Lately, I’ve felt more and more inclined to use that ‘distraction free writing’ window.

        Unrelated: Have you ever checked out Medium … ?


        1. I have looked at Medium, and I used to get it in my inbox. I must have stopped it because I don’t see it now. I put an article up there – I just looked now and I see I never published it – it’s still in draft. 🙂


        2. Rebekah says:

          The format is kind of nice, but I’m not cool enough to write there. 😐

          Besides, there’s no regular sign-up procedure — you have to sign in either with Twitter or … I think it was FB or Google, not sure now.


        3. In the words of Chris Tucker ‘You cool.’

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