Bridges Burned and Bridges Crossed


The photograph came first, and then the sketch rendition.

And then the words. I was looking around for quotes and didn’t find one, but this idea seemed satisfying.


  1. Rebekah says:

    A line from a [Swedish] song came up in my mind; «I know what it feels like … when bridges to security are burned».

    I’ve burnt a few, but it never comes out well when you translate like that …


    1. Ah yes, that sounds like leaving ‘safe harbours’ behind. In this modern world, the definition of security is problematic. In days of old it might be a close-knit community, or family, or religion.

      What is it today, eh?


      1. Rebekah says:

        I’ve thought of that a lot, the last few days. I have no answer.

        ‘Safe harbours’ was what I meant 🙂


  2. You can draw as well?? Very clever and I’m envious.


    1. Ah, would that it were so. It is an app that turns photos into sketches.

      Or to put it another way, it turns them into something that I can wish that I could have sketched 😉


      1. That’s funny, and still clever. If you hadn’t told me I would still be thinking how wonderfully talented you are! I must investigate. What is the app?


        1. It’s called ‘FX Photo Studio’ It’s by a company called MacPhun, and as you might guess from that – it’s Mac only. It has a number of effects but I really only like a couple of them – sketch being one of them.

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        2. There is probably an Android one.


        3. Yes, probably. I use FX thingy on my laptop.

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