The photography 101 course begins today with the subject ‘home’.

I was out at the time and read the WP post on my phone.

So as I walked home, I took the opportunity to think about what home represented to me.

I walked in and headed for the centre. There are two – one is the bedroom and the other is the kitchen table.

The kitchen table is covered in personal things, so I used the Waterlogue app to turn the photo into an impressionistic version.

[I am posting this using the WP app on my phone.]


  1. Rebekah says:

    Great … love the Waterlogue.

    Got their post late last night. Gave me lots of time to think about it. Decided to go for the city..


  2. JenT says:

    Lovely interpretation and a very cozy corner!

    Spent a lot of time in the past 5 days looking at photography exhibits in Amsterdam, although I missed the one I truly wanted to see at Foam. Next visit!


    1. Lucky you, visiting Amsterdam 🙂

      What is Foam and what was the exhibit that you wanted to see?


      1. JenT says:

        Too short, but I’ll take what I can get! 🙂

        Foam http://www.foam.org/ and the exhibit was Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography of course I can’t find the article I was looking at about it. One time zone difference and I have jet lag. :p


  3. Barb says:

    Great start for the challenge David, kitchen tables are often the heart of the home.I love the Waterlogue effect.


  4. What a cool app. I must check it out. I like the effect in that photo.


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