Month: November 2014

Photography 101: Solitude

Solitude: the state of being or living alone. It is not synonymous with loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling of disconnection or of missing the company of others. Solitude is a place – a space in the rush of things, a space we seek where we can turn inwards and hear the heartbeat of the place and of time.

Photography 101: Water

Yesterday I cleaned the inside of the sink with a paste cleaner made for stainless steel. I must have left some residue because when I looked at the sink this morning the water in the sink had coalesced with surface tension into these shapes. Plainly, they are not random. Rather they are the consequence of the forces acting upon them. To calculate or model or predict the forces that would result in exactly these shapes is as good an example as any of the ‘butterfly flapping its wings in the forest’ principle. If you haven’t come across that before, it’s the idea that in the real world there are innumerable forces at work that can have a multiplying effect. So one might say that a hurricane’s origins could be traced back to the air currents caused by a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere in the Amazon basin. When I was a nerdy teenager with nerdy friends, I remember arguing the other way out, as it were – that someone with Godlike powers of comprehension could …