Otterly Delightful

otterly-delightful OK- that is the first time I have used a lousy pun in a title, and it will probably be a while before I try it again. Here’s a mockup of what it would look like as a greeting card – not sure what if any words would go with it – maybe something like ‘Have an otterly delightful birthday’. Any improvement on that would be most welcome – add it in the comments. flying-twigs-greeting-card-otterly-delightful


  1. I consulted my significant otter, who has just returned from a visit to otter space, and he advised that since this photo of yours is otterly adorable rather than comic (and unless you want to go in the direction of otter nonsense) you could leave the notecard blank, and allow otters to add their own personal messages…..


    1. ‘Significant otter’ – love it!


  2. I can’t do better than Cynthia in the pun department…great comment Cynthia. But as one who often uses puns in titles, eg the one about waistlines, I think you should do this more often! Lovely photo too.


  3. I can only agree with the previous commenter 😀 This is too cute for words!


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