Weekly Roundup

This is a lot of ‘I’ – but then it’s a roundup of what I’ve done, so that fits…

I Built A Site With Anchor CMS

I started a new blog on a domain I had sitting around. Actually I already had a WordPress site running on the domain but I deleted it, made a new database and built the site. It’s built on Anchor CMS and the whole thing took about 15 minutes to do.

I did it because I came across Anchor while looking for a non-database CMS but I didn’t find one I liked. I have built a non-database CMS site before using GetSimple CMS.

But this time I wanted something different.

The reason I built it was because we bought a new bookkeeping system and I was going crazy looking at numbers all week. So building a web site was a relief because it used a different part of my brain.

I am using the default theme at the moment and here it is at Neatly Pressed.

We Went To Stirling

Here’s one photo from the post I just put up on the Quillcards Blog. Click for the rest of the story.


About The Bellboy

And I wrote about an image of a bellboy that has a long personal history. We’ve turned the image into a greeting card, and for more on that, see the post on More Flying Twigs. If you are from the United States then you probably know them as bellhops – that and more is explained it the post.

Our House Is A Very…


I made this image a while ago. It is based on a photo that I ran through a ‘watercolour effect’ app and then painted with Photoshop. Then I added the text and that got me thinking. My brain is often ahead of my mind, so I wrote about the way houses present themselves to the outside world. The link to the post is here.


  1. JenT says:

    I do not entirely buy the reasoning, but I think there’s a practicality in the viewpoint. Look at Tangiers! The need for privacy is much stronger when your houses are literally one on top of the other. This style of house, closed off to the street with a central courtyard, harks back to Roman times.

    Have you read “At Home” by Bill Bryson? Definitely worth a read.


    1. Thanks for the tip about the Bill Bryson book. I am pretty sure my wife has a copy if it’s the one that takes a tour around the cutlery in the dining room among other topics.

      I guess it’s chicken and egg about which came first regarding the layout of the old city in Tangiers – the desire to present a modest frontage allowed ‘crowding’ or a myth that grew up because they were already crowded.


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