Toning Images In Lightroom


The photo here is of the comedian Alfie Brown, who is appearing (or may just be finishing today) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The second photo below is also of him but toned with a preset in Adobe Lightroom. The preset is called Grit and it is available free from Flixelpix. If you dig around on that site you’ll find a couple more free presets and some you can buy.


The Flixelpix site is worth looking at for the photography. And also for those interested in Fuji cameras.

I am trying to think back to what it was that first took me to the site. It may have been the ebook on long exposure that he was selling (it’s still available from the site) or it may have been the Fuji X100 that he was using.

Either way, it has taken me a couple of years to arrive at the X100s (the updated version of the X100 camera) with which I shot these photos.

My drifting, meandering route to this camera came via a Panasonic GF1, and an Olympus E-PM1, coupled with a feeling that I don’t want to give up the Nikon that I have also been shooting with.

I don’t want to give up the Nikon because I can shoot very fast with it. I am used to the controls and it is very responsive, and focusing is super-fast and accurate.

It is also heavy.

And it is weight that has been driving my wish for a light a carry-around camera.

Just yesterday I came across one of my posts here from 2007 – a review of the Nikon D40 – a light, entry-level camera in the Nikon range at the time.

Nothing has changed.

Here is the link to the Grit preset: Flixelpix Grit – Lightroom Preset


  1. I’m off on a trip on Tuesday, and am once again struck by the weight of the Nikon.

    I’ve gone from D60 to D90 and now D7000. Honestly, I don’t know what possessed me to make that latest purchase.


    1. Yes, the weight is a drag.

      The D7000 must be about 200g heavier than the D60. At one point I had a D700 and it was about another 200g heavier than the D7000. I had a 70-200mm f2.8 lens that also weighed a lot. I used it for trips to nature reserves, and by the end of the day I was lopsided 😉


      1. 🙂 I have a 70-300mm but I won’t bring that so I chose the 18-200mm. I’ve found that to be quite versatile for my needs on a trip like this..


  2. Maria Falvey says:

    Love his eyes – so much happening there, I can almost hear what they’re saying. 😀


    1. Yes, and a striking character to go along with those eyes.


  3. Maria Falvey says:

    Love it – he has amazing eyes!


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