Update July 2014

Here are a couple of articles I published elsewhere in the last few days:

The first is about a poem I commissioned last summer: Poems To Order

The second is about a dog who became a famous philosopher

The third one is how to force HTTPS on a self-hosted WordPress site, which you might want to do if you are running an ecommerce website.

Image Sizes

I still haven’t found a satisfactory way of resizing images for uploading to a site from an iPhone.

More investigation needed…

However, the WordPress app for iPhone also works with self-hosted WordPress sites. And just today I came across a plugin called ImSanity that resizes large files that are uploaded to a site.

So I am going to experiment with that. It would be good if there was an equivalent piece of code built into sites – maybe with an on/off toggle for people who don’t want to have images resized.

7 replies on “Update July 2014”

Yes … or if I move colderweather to self-hosted. I will make up my mind some time soon 🙂

By the way; what do you think about all these new TLD:s? As I was looking into it, I saw one .cards and thought of you. gTLD perhaps it’s called…


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