Not A Happy Bunny

The web host where we host our greeting card site has been under attack again.

It has been subjected to a DDOS – a distributed denial of service – attack.

A DDOS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt a web host by sending thousands of requests per second to its servers.

If the attack came from just one source then the web host could block it easily.

But the attacker plants Trojans in innocent computers all around the world and sends server requests from all of them.

Our web host suffered a similar attack last week and got everything under control. But it took a few hours.

And it has been the same story this time.

It’s not only web hosts that are subject to these attacks. Individual sites are attacked too.

But when a commercial web host is attacked it affects all sites hosted with it. That can be thousands of websites that are affected.


The answer is usually extortion – pay us or we’ll keep attacking.



  1. timethief says:

    Nasty isn’t the right word David. Try evil.


  2. It’s the meanness of this world. You wrote, not too long ago, about rage and hate. Doesn’t stuff like this conjure up some rage?! I would like to slap them with a wet trout.


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