Month: July 2014

Sheep Under Trees

[Click the image to see it bigger.] Sheep under trees – I’m really not sure – are they under the trees, or beneath the trees, or are both ways of saying it OK? They are surely not below the trees, are they? They are below the tree line, but that doesn’t count.

More Comment Spam

In the couple of days since I changed from to I have seen a big increase in spam comments. What does it mean, Tonto? I think it means that spambots prefer what look to them like main domains rather than ‘’ subdomains.

Write The Hemingway Way

I’ve been using this for a few days: Hemingway app shows you ‘on the fly’ how many passive voice sentences, adverbs, complicated sentences etc. you are writing – like a highlighted Fleish-Kincaid test for readability. There’s a web version, and for $5.00 there’s a desktop app for Mac OS and PC