Pigeon – Postach – Tumblr – Zimilate

1. A Photo of a Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Snapped it with my iPhone when it decided to play ball and sit on a fence. To give you an idea of the size of these birds, I would say they are about the size of a smallish chicken – although a lot of it is that amazing crest.

That’s not red eye from a flash (I didn’t use flash) – that’s the colour of their eyes.

2. Postach.io

Postach.io is interesting.

You can create a site on a subdomain.
You sign up to it and connect your Evernote account.

That creates a folder on your Evernote account.Then, when you add a note to that folder in Evernote and tag it with ‘publish’, it creates a post on your subdomain.

So it’s not database driven like WordPress.

It’s a static site that updates from your Evernote folder. That is, it updates from the sync’d Evernote folder, not your local application.

There are a number of different themes – some nice-looking ones. And you can play with the CSS if you want.

And it’s free, with the option to sign up for a premium account that gives you the option to have more people join in on a collective account.

It might be a nice idea for a business that wants various members to add posts. They don’t need to log in to the site – all they have to do is create posts on their own Evernote application, tag is with ‘publish’, and sync.

I can’t think of anything else that offers that?

3. Atlantic Noir Tumblr Theme

The first Tumblr theme I would consider paying money for. Not that there aren’t other nice ones, but this one jumped out at me because when I saw it on New York Through My Lens I thought it looked like a ‘site’ – an actual site rather than just a  Tumblr stream.

Maybe I would completely rethink that if I went back and looked at more Tumblr themes, but maybe it illustrates something that web designers and anyone promoting a product could benefit from, which is seeing it in action rather than seeing a demo.

This is the theme and then the blurb from Style Hatch:


Atlantic Noir is an elegant and modern premium Tumblr theme by Style Hatch with full control over the color scheme and typography. With a fully responsive design Atlantic Noir looks amazing in the browser or on mobile devices. Change up your color scheme, integrate your Typekit account and customize the 60+ appearance options.

4. Zimilate


Free content curation / clipping / something or other / service.
Uses a bookmarklet from the browser or email address from a mobile to save pages, notes, etc.

What is the advantage over using, Postach?

    No load on Evernote sync server
    Clips the whole page rather than a description and a link

No back up and it’s all on someone else’s server.


    The ‘read later’ function from Instapaper Instapaper clips web pages.
    Pinboard Pinboard users can bookmark everything there and because it is a paid account (lifetime account for one payment) it may be more reliable that say, Delicious or Diigolet – maybe.


  1. Wow! He’s spectacular, especially for a pigeon 🙂


    1. Lovely, eh 🙂

      And easy to catch, unfortunately for them. They are classed as ‘vulnerable’ due to hunting, habitat destruction, etc.


      1. Oh, it’s just so sad how many amazing species we’ve pushed to the brink 😦


        1. I can say from my own experience and as we know from the statistics, that the numbers of almost every wild thing – birds, flowers, animals – in Britain and other countries have declined. And it is worse than the figures show because 40 or 50 years ago when the declines started, even experts could say ‘We didn’t know it was happening – we didn’t know about the problems of habitat destruction, pesticides, etc.’ But no one can say that now, and yet the destruction is accelerating.

          Which is why I hang on to any sign of improvement, because the opposite news is with us every day.

          Here’s the situation according to the EU for large carnivores in Europe:


        2. I know! It’s a terrible situation we’re in. I haven’t seen a hedgehog in the wild for about 4yrs which is just appalling! Growing up we always had hedgehogs in the garden. I used to go walking and see nettles covered in peacock butterfly caterpillars and fields full of wildflowers with masses of insects. Now it all gets cut back or sprayed! I’m so thrilled about the population of Red Kites that’s growing in the South East 🙂 They’re coming into Surrey now from Berkshire! Fabulous birds 🙂


        3. They have kites around Harewood near Leeds that I wrote about back in 2009. You can take a look here: Kites In Yorkshire.


        4. Fantastic 🙂 Thanks David!


  2. Picture is great especially because it was cropped. Wasn’t it?
    Are these birds not shy?
    It is very difficult to take shot of a peacock. I tried many times but failed.


    1. These are very tame – hand reared.


      1. Oh. domesticated. I see. But beautiful.


  3. Very pretty bird!

    That Tumblr theme really is pretty too! If I were into Tumblr, I probably would be tempted to buy.

    Didn’t I ever write about Postach.io?! I’ve had it for some time now. I switched to EN from DayOne, when I realized the greatness of EN. I’d had the account since 2008 and never paid attention to it. For some weird reason, I thought it was too … ‘complicated'(?) for me. Now I have everything there and loving it.


    1. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I just got back from a trip. I have a new love in my life as far as record keeping is concerned. It is Omnifocus 2. I like EverNote, but for keeping track of where I am, I am now an Omnifocus fanboy. 😉


      1. Wowzer … must check that out right away 🙂

        The trip — is that something we’ll get to see pictures from, or…?


  4. lumar1298 says:

    Gorgeous color… Never seen one up close…


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