Crown Office

This is a test using the latest version of the WordPress iOS app.



There are two problems with the iOS app as far as I can see. One is the size of the uploaded image, which is 205kB. The other is minor, but it’s the strange and meaningless name of the image, which is 20140528-175753-64673987.jpg


Had I used the browser to post the image, I would have been able to use Photoshop and the Save-For-Web feature and the image would have been around 50kB.


  1. Well I can see your post so that’s successful I hope 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂

      Your comment came just as I was updating the post. Yes, it posted successfully, but the file size of the image is more than I am happy with.


      1. It takes a while to work some of these apps out! Trial and error 😉


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