Happy Birthday, Rachel Carson


When Rachel Carson wrote ‘Silent Spring’
in 1962, people could perhaps claim they
didn’t know about the hidden destruction
to the environment, to wildlife.
No one can claim that now.

Rachel Carson was a biologist, so when she spoke, she spoke with authority. Her book Silent Spring told the story of the consequences of man’s interference with the environment.

She showed how insecticides were upsetting the balance of nature in far-reaching ways that served some people but endangered everyone and everything.

I have made a larger size version of poster, suitable for printing up to about twice postcard size.

WordPress.com doesn’t allow zip files to be uploaded, so I have put the file in a Dropbox folder where you can download it and spread it around.

Update 2014: Link now removed.

[My wife Tamara and I designed this poster late last year as part of our contribution to World Animal Day, and it is nice to be able to spread its message again on Rachel Carson’s birthday.]

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