On Exposure Compensation, Darkrooms, Reblogging, and Headers

Gerry C from Your Nibbled News commented on my post from 2007 about exposure compensation in photography, observing among other things that people no longer had the grounding in technical matters like exposure because the camera does it all.

I started with film, but like a lot of people, I could not withstand the attraction of digital. It was for two reasons. One was the immediate feedback in the LCD in the back of the camera. Who can resist that?

The other reason was that a darkroom needs a water supply. I didn’t have room for a darkroom so I used the kitchen and made it do double duty.

Living in Edinburgh I have access to a lovely place by the name of Stills, Scotland’s Centre For Photography – and it has very well equipped darkrooms.

I am nostalgic for the smell of the chemicals.

I am nostalgic for way I walk gently across the darkroom so as not to shake the enlarger during exposure.

I am nostalgic for sense of of achievement in not cross-threading the film as I wind it onto the developing tank spool.

And yet, I have hardly used the darkroom at Stills. The pull of digital is so great.

Nostalgia is great until you have to live it.

The question though, is whether my grounding in film photography adds to my understanding of exposure in digital photography. I could say yes. But I could just ask you to look at Neil Turner’s portfolio over at dg28 and tell you that he understands exposure.

Reblogging Or Not

Jen over at WPcomMaven posted about reflagging today. (My autocorrect keeps changing ‘reblogging’ to reflagging – and this time I am going to leave it alone to teach it a lesson) – but I mean reblogging.

I asked her how we WP.com bloggers can disable reblogging and here is the answer:

Dashboard>Settings>Sharing>WordPress.com Reblog button>Don’t show the Reblog button on Posts and then save your changes.

The Header Image

If you are reading this today the 2 May 2014, then the header you will see the new header image I just put up here. The image is a part of the zebra that I screen printed a couple of months ago.

The Colourblind Zebra Thinks He Is Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue


  1. JenT says:

    Thanks for the link to my newest post on reblogging. At this point I’m beginning to equate reblogging with an “Inception” like mentality. Too many realities to deal with.

    Funny, too… when you wrote about film processing chemicals, my nose immediately smelled that sharp, vinegary odor. When I used the darkroom at uni, it used to make me violently sneeze. I love digital!


  2. Not often, but sometimes readers reblog one of my posts. I don’t mind them doing it, I think it’s nice that someone likes the stuff I create/write/post enough to spread the word.


    1. I feel the same – for now at least. If it gets to be a pain I’ll change it. It’s good to know where the escape button is, and that there is an escape button.


  3. timethief says:

    I had already found the Don’t show the Reblog button on posts and used it on both blogs, prior to the back and forth with Staff. I thought it was still displaying in the Reader until I read Jen’s post today. I’m so glad that it isn’t.


    1. JenT says:

      tt- The reblog button shows, it just doesn’t create a reblog.


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