This is my first second post using Postbot. Let’s see how it works out.

The story of this image is quite complicated. It started out as a photo of a mannequin that I took. Then I ran it through the Waterlogue app and then uploaded it to my laptop and used various blending modes to get the effect I wanted.

Then I cloned the jacket to the right of the model and flipped it over and blended it in next to the model so that he/she was flanked by two people.

I put the image on a greeting card and added text that reads ‘Give yourself permission to feel’.

The card is in the ‘Possibles’ folder at the moment, which means that Tamara and I have to look at it and give some input and then decide whether it makes the final cut to be printed.

The ‘permission’ thing is on my mind at the moment because of a personal family matter that came up. It brought home how events can act as a permission when really, no permission is needed.

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  1. I see what you mean, in the last paragraph … I think.


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