Young Bison – And A Word About Postbot

Young Bison
Young bison on a hillside.

Does anyone know whether bison nibble grass (like sheep do) or whether they twist grass around their tongues and pull it up, like cattle do.

By the way, I scheduled this to post via Postbot, which amazes me. How is it better than just scheduling a post here in the Admin panel of the site itself?

Well there is one way that it is easier and that is that the scheduled date and time is big and bold and so not easily forgotten. Still… a whole website to schedule posts??

I have another photo scheduled via Postbot to appear tomorrow – and the weird thing is that I can see the draft here on the site.

I wonder how long Postbot will last? Will it be wildly popular? Will I use it?


  1. Sylvia says:

    At least you were able to get it to work…I never could.


    1. Haha – I thought it was super-new and I was an early adopter 🙂

      How long has it been around, I wonder?


      1. Sylvia says:

        Oh, I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I think it’s pretty new. I couldn’t get it to work, and John wrote and asked me questions,etc. Apparently it had bugs if you had more than one blog. It might be fixed now, and I’ll give it a try. Looks like you are making it work for you!


        1. Yes, it’s working. I have more than one blog but I haven’t tried posting to more than one blog. I’ll try that and see whether it breaks 😉


  2. I never bothered to look into that. Don’t need to schedule blog posts — I have enough hard a time coming up with anything to write at all.


    1. That’s a bit how I feel. The only advantage I feel is that because Postbot is so stripped down, it’s visually easier to post to, maybe…


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