Photos And Catch-Up

Here are a couple of photos, the first of which is a heavily worked-on version of a photo of a mannequin that I took a couple of years ago.

The second is an Amur tiger that I photographed a couple of weeks ago at the Highland park that I mentioned in the post about the oystercatcher.

The sad thing is that the Amur tiger was previously known as the Siberian tiger – but there aren’t any there any more…




I wrote on Flying Twigs about how to add Pinterest Rich Pins and get the benefit for your website.

And I also wrote about how to change the name of your Facebook page if you have one and have more than 200 followers.

The reason for the post is that 200 followers is the cutoff point for being able to make the changes yourself.

And finally, this is a worked-on version of a photo of a building here in Edinburgh. There are lots and lots of architectural gems here – I am thinking about setting up an Edinburgh Architecture site.

Should I do it and take my attention off the business-y things I am supposed to be devoting 110% to (haha)?



  1. The Edinburgh image is brilliant.

    I don’t know what the business-y thing is you’re doing, but … follow your gut feeling 😀


  2. Thanks – I like it too 🙂

    The business thing is Flying Twigs – lots to do there – I feel like I am spinning in ever-decreasing circles.


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